domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

My new discovery: new store in Tarragona

The store is called "Niña Pija"is in Tarragona city, and I loved the

amount of dresses out there! I did not know which to choose!

There are dresses for every occasion,so I settled for two white

dresses! One for work, long shirt type, and the other to go to

a party!

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

"El meu secret" ....

By the way, I have never said that my look changes are made ​​in the

Hairdressing of Reus "El meu secret" for a year, I trust them to

change my color, cut, and of course care my hair!

domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Outfit for a rainy day ...

On rainy days are boring, and more if they fall on a weekend! But

we have to find outfits for these days, and my two options for

this Saturday are: leggings + transparent black shirt + sandals

by Guess, or: semi-transparent brown jacket + Pants / Jeans IKKS.

In the end I went with the brown outfit.

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

And again, NEW LOOK!!!!!

I decided on a color redhead, between Scarlett Johansson
and Cynthia Nixon (Sex in Nova York)!
What do you think the change?! I will incorporate more
photos ....

domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

After being looking for a bag ... I've already decided! And is it the Birthday gift from my husband!!!!

I decided on a candy bag Furla, but green! I never had a green bag,
but it seems to me very different yet elegant. Do you like what me?!

domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

And finally ... sunny Sunday

So, I decided to put a dress from a couple of seasons by Ailanto, the belt is of the same brand, and bracelets of Sita Murt.

Ah! And the earrings are a gift from my husband for our wedding anniversary that the last year, and rose, another gift, the day of Sant Jordi "!!!!!: