viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

One Jacket type blaiser and four possible styles:

Two more formal styles, one to go to wedding, and the latter is more casual for a Saturday whosoever. What do you think about this combinations? Do you like them?

domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

viernes, 19 de marzo de 2010

I'm thinking about buying a book...

Many days ago that I'm thinking about buying a book, as it approaches Sant Jordi, the media begin to communicate the latest editions of the market. But this morning listening to the radio, I have decided .... I'd like a book of Nieves Concostrina, I love this journalist who broke the story, totally uninhibited.

viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

"E quando arribe a casa..."

Did you remember the mythical spot of Nescafe Cappuccino "E quando arribe a casa, Nescafe Capuchino!" And when it's Friday .... I love to think the same, but I change the message, because now I prefer the Nespresso coffee: "E quando arribe a casa Dulsão do Brasil!"